Lucas Bernholtz

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I Believe I am Gifted

When I became gifted, I thought that meant I was smarter than everybody in everything. In a year I just thought that I had something the school noticed, I cared about my future. Another year later, I realized that everyone is gifted about something different to the person they know. I just had something gifted in school.
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My Logo

This logo is made to represent my personality. A wolf is something that can be curious at times, so I chose a wolf to bring out my curiousness. I chose this quote because it sort of means working by yourself, I like to be an independent worker. The quote is a quote by someone unknown.


My first positive is that I push myself to my limits, if I get something as easy as it could be at school, I try to make it harder at home. Second biggest positive is that whenever someone says to work on your own, I can do it on my own. Last important positive is that I stay on task when we are suppose to work.


My first negative is that at home I procrastinate about everything, like cleaning my room or feeding our animals. Second negative is that I can't work in groups very well, unless I know who I'm working with. Last big negative is that I only remember about the hard things to think about, not the easy ones.
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This is about a survey in tag one day.

What I first thought

Once I started reading it started to be so true, it said that only three percent of the human population has my personality type. I said,
Things that apply to my personality

All of these apply to me.