Citizens Violence

By: Jazmin,Dylan, Hunter, Bryce and Nikita

The Start

On April 12, 2015 Freddie Gray a 25 year old African American in Baltimore, Maryland sustained injuries upon on his arrest by the policemen. After his coma on April 18, 2015 residents proteted in front of Western District police station, a week later he passed away. Apparently in good health at the time of his arrest, Gray fell in a coma while in transport as a result of injuries to his neck and spine. Protest were organized after Gray's death became public known which incuded violence elements
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Baltimore police were not prepared for such massive demonstrations, especially once they turned violent. Officers sometimes lacked the sheilds, helmets and other gear they needed, at one point a group of officers advanced uphill against a rowdy group of protesters, at a disadvantage. Baltimore police-and law enforement nationwide must build trust with the urban communties they serve no matter the situation or what is happening. Civil unrest and hooliganism continued as at least 250 people have been arrested and thousands pf police and Maryland Army National Guard troops deployed. On the sixth night of protest on Baltimores streets 2 people have been arrested while tension still flared. After the final stage of the offical protest event, som people became violent and damged 5 police vehicles and have pelted police with rocks." The police sought to balance the rights of the peaceful demostators those who were seeking to create." On April rioters standing on a Baltimore police car was superimposed with the text "All HighSchools Monday @3 We Are Going To Purge From Mondawmin To The Ave, Back To Downtown" and distributed on social media and as flyers. In prepartion of the "purge" police shut down the metro and many streets.


At least 34 people were arrested during the riots and 6 police officers were injured. As a result of the group of violent protesters, people that attended the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox baseball game were forced to stay inside Oriole Park at Camden Yards for their safety. Baltimore police pre-emptively de-boarded all buses, metro stations and malls around the area. Intially 75-100 people who appeared to be in high school began throwing bricks and bottles at police and the violence rapidly spread, by later that day multiple police cars were destroyed and 30 officers injured. A local pharmacy was looted and burned by protesters. The next day it was reported 144 vehicle fires, 19 structual fires and nearly 200 arrest.

Speaking Out:

Toya Graham : * repeatedly struck and berated her son on TV for throwing rocks at the police* " I don't see the justice of rioting........ I wish more parents took more charge of their kids out there "

President Obama: " There has been too many worrying interactions between police and black citizens, but that is no excuse for the violense of rioters in Baltimore"