Careers in Science


Branch of Science

The branch of science that this job is in is Earth science. I think it is this branch because in this job you study the universe. Also astronomy is one of the many subjects that branches off of Earth science.

Educational Path

The degree that you need for this job is a doctoral degree. Some high school classes that would help me would be calculus, chemistry! And physics. The college classes I would take would be advanced math and science.For this job I would major in astrophysics. In this major you learn about the physics of the universe. You also study about the the evolution of the universe (big bang theory) and the electromagnetic spectrum. Though you would spend most of your time doing data analysis.

What factors affect employment

When you think of an astronomer you usually envision a person in a laboratory looking at the stars through a telescope. Well there aren't a lot of job openings like that for that kind of astronomers anywhere. Although there aren't a lot of jobs like that there are many in colleges where you can teach astronomy. For example St. Norbert's , University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Marian have job openings for teachers.


There is no salary range for astronomers in Wisconsin,because the lack of jobs in this occupation. Though there is a salary rang for the nation and it has a very large gap. It is $48,710-$155,480. As you can see if you're more experienced in your career area you earn more money.


One employer that I found is Orbital Technologies Corporation. They are located in Madison. This company is the kind for astronomers that do look at the stars. You can also be employed at the colleges that I listed early.


I don't think I would want to have this job very much. I wouldn't want it because you have really long hours and have to work late at night. Also the salary isn't very amazing. The thing that really makes me not want this job is that there isn't a lot of job openings anywhere. A good think that I like about this job though is that you get to work with stars and the universe. Also you get to travel a lot and I've always wanted to travel.



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