TC STEM Camp June 5-June 9

K-8 STEM Camp 12-3 p.m. Tell City Jr.-Sr. High School

Camps made possible through 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

We are excited to share that Tell City Schools will again be offering their own Tell City STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Camp June 5 - June 9.

Students in grades K-8 are invited to apply to attend the STEM Camp sessions from 12-3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Proposed Topics/Teachers

K/1: Emily Parke--Water Works

2/3: Kyle Miles--Exploring Science Days: Chemistry, Ecology, Earth Science, Engineering

4/5: Pat Jarboe--VEX Robots

6/7/8: Erika Hollinden--How Does Your Heart Rate?

There will be no daily transportation to/from the Tell City STEM camps.

If you are interested in attending the Tell City STEM Camp, please fill out the information below.

Student Name: ______________________________ Current Grade: _______

Parent Name: _______________________________ Phone Number: ___________________

Person dropping student off (not before 11:45 a.m.): _____________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Person picking up student (3 p.m.): _____________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Only the first 15 applicants per grade level will be accepted. First come, first serve!