The European Rabbit

By beau huggett

when ,why ,where and how they came and more info

They came here by boat on the first fleet and arrived 1788 they arrived at botany bay they were fed once a day. They did have effects on crops for the aborigines.The scientific name is

  1. Oryctolagus cuniculus

  2. Higher classification: Oryctolagus

  3. Lifespan: 9 years (In Wild)

  4. Rank: Species

  5. Mass: 2.4 – 5.5 lbs (Adult).The European rabbit or common rabbit is a species of rabbit native to south west Europe and north west Africa. It has been widely introduced elsewhere often with devastating effects on local biodiversit

  6. They are near threatened

How the're are pests

The European rabbit has been introduced as an exotic pest into several environments.They are pest for loss of productivity and tho farmers crops.
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40 million are in Australia


What effects did it have on Aboriginals?

The European rabbit ate the Aborigines food causing famine to some tribes.This had a huge effect on Aboriginals because they ate most of the vegetables and drank some of their water supply.It also caused weakness for the Aborigines.It also got rid of the meat.

What effects did it have on the flora and fauna

It ate some of the plants and it had effect on some of the animals food supplies. Causing them to die which doesn't make it easy for the aborigines.

What impact does it have on Australia now

Well now tons of people now have them has pets just like one of my friend,and they are still a great meat source.


fresh vegetables,hay,oak hay and water.