Lord of the Flies

By: Emiliano Flores


The theme of lord of the flies is more of action, mystery, and entertainment.


The main characters are Ralph, Jack, and Piggy. They are the most, like the three that lead the group. Yet they have their differences. Like Ralph is more of thinking and trying to leave the island. While Jack is more of hunting and skillful, wanting to survive. Piggy is the smart one with Ralph wanting to get out of their using fire, smoke, as signal for near ships.


Basically what happens in the book is a group of kids crash down to a small island in a huge storm. Luckily ONLY the young kids manage to survive and the pilots died, so NO grown ups! So they all need to work together and try to survive in the little island. They do so pretty good at the beginning of the book but then there was some tension between the children. Mostly for the reason of somebody being chief, Ralph was chosen but then an incident accrued when the fire was out when Jack went hunting instead of watching the fire, like Ralph told him to do. The problem was there was a ship and so they couldn't see their fire because it was out. That's how tension started and then became a bigger problem further on in the novel.


I honestly liked the book it is a great book. You think something is going to happen but then BAM something else happens. It made me sit on the edge of my seat the whole way through I love it and so will others


Pathos: They are all so little children that yea they all might be scared so I think that they all felt alone and sad without their family.

Logos: With no help they really need to rely on their selves rather than others because nobody's going to be there and hold their hands.