The Scarlet Savior

The French square times 1792 may 1st

Who is this savior?

The Scarlet Pimpernel has saved the France! He has saved them under woredropes. He has traveled all over france , but you could not see through the Scarlet pimpernel's discises. In this year of 1792 it is official the Scarlet Pimpernel has saved France.

Sir percey?!

The Scarlet pimpernel is our very own Sir percey! He has recently been under cover all over France to save your fellow aristocrats. He has used discises to keep his identity a secret, and preformed many small and large acts to set free the French aristocrats.

How has he impacted the French revolution?

The Fench aristocrats have been saved he has dramatically changed the French revelation by Helping the French aristocrats! Just like aristocrat joe jones says " it is about time someone has maned up and aave France " but this official says " I can not believe that bastarly man could do such a thing I will get him one day!"

The scarlet.

The scarlet pimpernel has saved France! He has done so many amazing things to save France and he has done so many crazy things like dressing like an old hag to get people across the gards! Even though he Islas gone against the law he has done the right thing! He is the scarlet savior!