1765-1112 BCE

the snang dynasty had bowls mad out of bronze and the waer fierce in warriors they had bronze swords and many uther thing mand out of bronze
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King tang was the founder of the Shang Dynasty. He did a good job, and the first 9 Emperors, until the 10th Emperor Zhou killed random people and his family wanted him dead. Zhou fought to gain control and when he won the fight he conquered the Shang Dynasty, kept it going but at the same time he wanted to have the people to be Emperor and their territory.

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Economics in the Shang dynasty: they be came famous for making bowls and the leader had sacrifices to the God, DI, have sacrifice people. The agriculture was fishing and making stuff out of bronze is growing rapidly. They made bronze vessels, Jade and silk, bronze wares and other artistry. The trade was business and transportation. Their currency was called shell. Also breeding of livestock was part of their economics and trade.

science in the Shang dynasty

Shang artisans became highly skilled at casting bronze. They carved a model of the object they wanted to make and then baked clay around the model to make a mold. Then they poured the metal into it.

As system of writing was the most important achievement of the Shang Dynasty

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