Find out what Photosynthesis is and what it does to plants

What is Photosynthesis?




  1. The process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen and glucose as a byproduct.

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The Process

The process of Photosynthesis is very complex, it all starts of with a bit of CO2 and water. All of this is collected by the pores on the leaves and is mixed using the energy from the sun light. The CO2 and water are not what make our plants beautiful and green its all bout Chlorophyll pigment cells which are produced by sunlight. After, vitamins and minerals from the soil and the seed rise up through the xylem a transportation like tube in the stem and up to the leaves. When all those steps have been completed, the glucose that was made is consumed by the plant to help it grow and reproduce. At the same time plants also produce oxygen as a waste product which benefits us in many ways. In the diagram above you can see all the steps.

This is what the chemical equation for Photosynthesis:

6 CO₂ + 6 H₂O + light --> C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6 O₂

The Expirement

My classmates and I have been working on a very delicate study were we tested the importance of Photosynthesis in a plant. We all created hypothesis to support the test and here I will insert my hypothesis and conclusion I used during and after our experiment. Hypothesis: "How much can the type of light/energy a plant receives affect its growth, color and life? We are going to be using three types of light 2 artificial and 1 natural, to test the plant's physical reaction to them. Black light (UV light), Fluorescent light, and Sunlight. Each plant had the same color, with a little yellow on the center. My prediction is that at the end of the experiment the test with the healthiest plant will be the sunlight because it will have all these nutrients enriched from the sun rays. I think that the UV test will have a weird looking plant that won't look healthy, it will look more dead since that light won't give the plant any new nutrients. The fluorescent light test will have a normal healthy plant but not as rich and pretty as the sunlight one." Conclusion: " How much can the type of light/energy a plant receives affect its growth, color and life? There were 3 types of lights tested in this experiment, Black (UV light), Sun, and Fluorescent. These three lights were tested with three completely same leafs. They were put in their corresponding spot to be tested all day. The only thing that changes in these three test were the place they were set in, and the light used to test them. I have felt my hypothesis/prediction is correct, I based my hypothesis on past knowledge from class. My observations were considerably close to my predictions. I have a lot of evidence to prove my hypothesis is correct. First I mentioned in my hypothesis the sun light test would have a pretty healthy plant, green, strong, alive, and we can see my hypothesis was right in day 3 observations. Then going to the UV plant I predicted it wasn't going to be very healthy or strong and it wasn't we can see that in Day 4 observations. Then for the fluorescent light observations I mentioned that it would be healthy enough live but it wouldn't be as strong, and the color would not be as potent as the sun light one. I have a lot of evidence that goes with my hypothesis and really supports it. The reliability of my evidence is pretty high, but just one thing brings it down. That would be the sunlight plant and its procedure. When making the sunlight plant setup we had a malfunction the cabinet would not really close with the cord going through it so we had to tape the door so it would stay as closed as possible. The door was not closed completely it was by about 1 or 2 inches away from closing all the and that led to some sunlight being able to peek through the door and the frame. This only happened with one of our tests. The rest of our evidence is 99.9% reliable. So, yes the type of energy/light a plant has access to does affect its growth and physical aspect."

Why is it important to us? Why do we care?

Many people dont know, part of the reason why we are all still living is because of Photosynthesis. The oxygen we breath is generated by Photosynthesis, when we breath in the oxygen we let out CO2 and when plants breath in our CO2 they let out our oxygen, its like a cycle. How would we get our Oxygen back if it weren't for this amazing process. all I know is we should not abuse of Photosynthesis by not taking care of our planet. We should give plants what they give us a better place to live. So! yes, lets take care of our planet and love it because if it weren't for it we wouldn't be here.