Mediterranean is a part of the Temperate Marine category.

Climate Location

The Mediterranean climate region is approximately located between 30 and 40 degrees north and south latitudes. This region is located on the west side of continents. It is located in between the Tempered and Subtropic zones.

Yearly Precipitation

The average precipitation doesn't exceed 35 inches. They receive almost all of their precipitation during the winter season. They can go 4-6 months in the summer without significant precipitation. During summer, regions of the Mediterranean climate are dominated by subtropical high pressure cells, varying the humidity, and making rain almost impossible except for the occasional shower or thunderstorm.

Seasons and Temperature Range

The Mediterranean climate region has mild winters and very warm summers. In their Winter season, they get lots of rain, and the summer season is a dry season. They get frost and snow in some Mediterranean places in the winter. Because most regions with a Mediterranean climate are near large bodies of water, temperatures are generally moderate. Their range of temperatures between the winter low and summer high is small compared to ours.

Factors Affecting Climate

One of the major factors that affect this climate region is the oceans and large bodies of water that they are located near. Latitude also affects climate. The winds affect the weather that the climate gets. The way the sun is facing is also a major factor.