The great places of Africa

come join the journey of African

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert lies between the Orange and Zambezi Rivers and is dotted with dry lake beds. The desert covers 100,000 square miles in southern Africa. This desert is covered with a reddish sand. When it rains there, during the rainy season grass grows. So if you like hot but wet this is the place for you!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Northeast Tanzania. This mountain occurs to be the highest mountain in Africa. This is also an extinct volcano so you would be safe at all times. THis mountain also raises between two peaks. These two peaks are mount Kibo which raises at 19,340 feet, also Mawenzi raises at 17,564 feet. You can also enjoy the many elephants and many more animals that you enjoy. So if like to hike and live in a cold climate this your kinda place!
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This island is located in the Indian Ocean. This is also the fourth-largest island in the world. This is also not connected to Africa it is separated by the Mozambique Channel and to the east of Africa. This is made up of the highland plateau. Madagascar is very pretty and has a good climate that is for you. YOU can go do everything in a warm and great place. you could also go to the beach after a long hard day to cool off. So if you love all of these things this is the place for you!
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Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic ocean is near Africa. This is the second largest ocean in the world. This is connected with the Artic Ocean and the Smith sound. The Mediterranean Sea and the gulf of Guinea are two of the principle arms of the Atlantic Ocean. This is just straight of the Magellan, and Panama Channel. Of idf you like to boat and always travel this is the place for you!