911 - Water


The city of Flint, Michigan is getting water with poisoness amounts of lead in their water. Many kids have lead poisoning and are being forced to drink the water! This is happening because Flint decided to change their water source from Detroit to the Flint River. Salt water corroded old pipes in the river. The water failed tests after the switch. The Citizens didn't notice for 9 months that the water wasn't good to drink! People in Flint are now cooking with bottled water! When people in Flint have a shower they get rashes all over their body! Some of the symptoms of lead poisoning is kidney failure, hearing loss, more prone to frostbite, anxiety, and being angry or hostile. We can help, from April 11th to April 21st bring in 1 bottle of water to school to help the people in Flint.There will be a bin outside of the office where the bottled water will go. Thank you to everyone that donates.