Career Project by Estefany Medina



I'm a "Green", and which it means is that I'm analytical, global, conceptual, cool, calm, collected, abstract, hypothetical, and investigative.

I always have to know "why".

My head rules my heart. I often feel as though I am on the outside looking in. I do not see a need to conform. I value my independence. Give me a project, and I will get it done on my own. I don't need or even like amount of directions o "this is how to do it?" Information. I find satisfaction in crossword, puzzles, analyzing language or words, creating models, problem-solving, and PRIVATE TIME. I may withhold my respect for authority until is earned. Everything needs to make sense. Fairness and justice are important to me.

I see myself as intellectual, calm, and creative, while others may see me as uncaring, aloof, and indecisive.

My quotes are:

"My work is play."

"I believe my creativity starts when my choices end."

At work:

I am conceptual and an independent thinker.

In love:

I prefer to let my head rule my heart.

In childhood:

I appeared to be older than my years.


What do they do?

The lawyers represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, or manage or advise on legal transactions. May specialize in a single area or many practice broadly in many areas of law.


About $114,970.00 per year.

Education needed:

Doctoral degree, or professional degree.

*New job opportunities are very likely in the future.

Why do I want to become a lawyer?

I want to become a lawyer because I think that's a good job, the lawyers have a really good salary and also there is a lot of job opportunities for a lawyer, probably this is not the career that I will really love to do but I think this will give me the opportunity to live the life that I probably will like to live like.

I know that money is not everything in this life, i know that money doesn't buy happiness, but I also know that all my goals and all my dreams won't perform without money.

The other reason of why I want to become a lawyer it's because I like to help people, and I think that's what they do, also I think that my personality matches pretty good with this career.


I would like to go to Harvard University because this is the school of my dreams. I know that i have to work really hard to go there, and that's what I will do.

One of the reasons I want to get into Harvard University is because I want to feel proud of myself. I also want my family to be proud of me. It is important for me to show those who doubted me that I was able to achieve my dreams no matter what they thought.

I know that I will need exceptional grades and a great deal of money, but I also know that I can achieve my dream if I work hard.

School Name: Harvard University.

Location: Harvard University


Cambridge, MA 2138

Annual Costs:

Tuition/Fees $36,173.00

Tuition/Cost in-state, on campus $50,250.00

Tuition/ Cost out-of-state, on campus $50,250.00


Number of applicants: 27,380

Percent Admitted: 8%

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My monthly expenses will be $6,001. My job salary will be $114,970, which it means that I'll be available to live the life that I want to live.

After college I would like to live in a house. My utilities will be approximately $384 a month; the Internet will cost about $41; the mobil phone $47; the gas & water $102; and the electricity $!94. My food will cost approximately $400 and my transportation will be about $808 per month. I'll spend about $600 on clothes; $417 on health care; $199 on entertainment; $350 on my personal things; $470 on student debt loan; $750 on miscellaneous. I also plan to save $362.






Health Care-$417





Student Debt Loan-$470