Room 12 News!

February 10, 2016

Biztown Info!

JA Biztown is coming soon! Here are a couple of links to get you acquainted with Biztown!

Please check out this video to see what Biztown is like! We hope you can join us as a volunteer!

Here is the correct link to register as a volunteer!:



12-Friendship Party at 2:45

15-No School

25-We will be walking to Dominion for a middle school visit and overview! Parents are welcome to attend!

26-We will be going to the Columbus Museum of Art for our "Artful Reading" field trip. Any parents that would like to meet us there and chaperone a small group can reply to this email and let me know! Thank you! A permission slip will come home soon as well!


15-JA Biztown!!! (I will be recruiting at least 20 volunteers for the day, so please keep this in mind!!)

25-Spring Break begins!

March 25-April 3 is Spring Break


27-29- Camp Pilgrim Hills!!


30- No School, Memorial Day


1-TENTATIVE DATE of 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

2- Last Day of School

Social Studies!

Our Classroom Economy projects are underway! Thanks to everyone that turned in the Loan Contract and Getting Started Form ON TIME!!! This Friday the Progress Form 1 is due. Some students started to take the display board home. These and the products that you are making to sell are not due to come back to school until Feb. 19 or even the following Monday if you need an extra weekend!


We started new book club groups yesterday! Be sure to ask your child about the book they are reading! :)

Don't forget to be working on the February Reading Log and project, as well as the Greek and Latin of the week!! This is homework!!!

"Soup"er Bowl Success

Congrats to Indian Springs for donating 3,400 items of soup for the Clintonville Resource Center!! That is just plain AWESOME!!!