Unit 2: Enduring Understanding

By: Joshua Hoffman

Section 1: Analysis

Humans Migrating

Humans migrate throughout the world for many different reasons. They can migrate by choice, and sometimes by force. It could be something as simple as they don't like the house or they want a fresh start. It could also be more complex like financial reasons or even human trafficking. If it is a choice to migrate, you have push and pull factors that affect your decision. A push factor would be something that drives you out of the place you live in. It could be crime, bad education, or a bad person in power. A pull factor is something driving you towards another town. No crime, good education, and a good person in power are examples of this. They can migrate by car, plane, boat, or even walking. There is endless ways to migrate to new places.

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Humans Creating Cultural Mosaics

Humans create cultural mosaics in there everyday life through seven different categories. Social organization, values and religion, art and literature, government, language, customs and traditions, and lastly opportunity and future. Each of these categories represent who you are, what you do, and how you live. Different people have different cultural mosaics. Some people there views on these different categories can be different. This leads into social groups and cooperation and conflict.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups

In different social groups, there are different views, different opinions, and different type of people There can also be social groups with the same views, same opinions, and same type of people. Some social groups cooperate and end up coming together, making a giant social group. They might have the same views, play the same sports, or be involved in the same clubs. They can also just have a neutral relationship with each other so they don't fight, but listen to each other on their points and views. Other social groups collide by playing different sports, being in rival clubs, or having no common interests. They can fight, avoid each other completely, and can argue over what they think is right.

Section 2: Application

Humans Migrating in real life

In real life, human migrating is a big part of how the world works. Humans can migrate through push and pull factors for jobs which can affect a business being outsourced. Some families have to migrate due to their job being moved. Others move, because they got fired from one job and have to another one. One person can also move, because of a push or pull factor. There can also be forceful migration when people are forced to be part of the blood diamonds. This is human trafficking. This is how some people get there diamonds and jewelry. Human migrating affects everyone no matter where you live or how you live. Whether your part of the human trafficking or are getting items from the people that are in the blood diamonds. I believe human trafficking will never fully end. There is too much human trafficking in the world to stop. I believe it will go down, but will never end.

Humans create cultural mosaics in real life

In real life, all of the categories that are in cultural mosaics are involved in everyone's life. Anything they do is part of them making up cultural mosaics. When people socialize with social groups, that's social organization. When people go to church to practice a religion, that's religion and values. When people listen to music, that is part of art and literature. When people speak different languages across the world, that's language. When people follow their culture, that's customs and traditions. Finally, when people take advantage of an opportunity and make it big, that's opportunity and future.
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Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups in real life

In real life, different social groups interact in positive and negative ways. For example, hockey teams are there own social groups. Another hockey team is there own social group. When they play each other, they argue, and have a conflict. They don't like each other, because one of the two gets what they want, which is winning. This will always stay the way it is in the future. Different teams will have different views on how to play and how to be better than the other team. On the other hand, hockey teams ( or social groups ) have feeder teams in which give players to the one team that needs them. This is cooperation between the two hockey teams ( social groups ) to help make the one better team even better. This will always continue to happen with cooperation of social groups in the future, because cooperation is needed in any job, or any public place to be a good citizen.

Power shifting between social groups

Power between social groups can change in a blink of an eye. When two social groups collide, most of the time one comes out on top. This can have a positive effect on the social group that comes out on top, because they can have more power. This can have a negative effect on the social group that comes out on the bottom, because they will have less power.
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Section 3: Transfer

Humans migrate in my life

In my life, I have migrated due to a few things. I have migrated due to divorce, I have two houses now and have migrated three times due to financial reasons. This effects my life, because we are now in a better financial state and are able to buy more things and do more things. We now have a better neighborhood to live in. The pull factors were no crime, and a cheaper house. The push factors were crime, and a higher costing house. In the future, I believe there will more push and pull factors and my family and I to migrate.

Humans create cultural mosaics in my life

In my life I use all six categories in cultural mosaics to shape how I live my life. I have my soccer teammates for social organization. For my values I have are my pictures and memories that are irreplaceable. I listen to music everyday which represents art and literature. I am given rights and have to follow laws for government. I speak small amounts of Spanish and speak English for language. I have traditions to be with my family on holidays. Lastly I have a dream to have a great family and a great job for my opportunity and future.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups in my life

I am apart of lots of different social groups. I am apart of a soccer team which get into conflicts and some cooperation with other social groups. For example, I had a social group with other Hampstead people that played soccer. When we came to Pinkerton and played freshman soccer, we came together with Derry and Chester people to make a bigger social group. That is cooperation. On the other side, our social group collides with Londonderry soccer to create a conflict. We both have different ways to try to win and one social group comes out on top.
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Social groups in bullets and ballots

In the bullets and ballots game, I was apart of the Guerrillas. We were on the poorer side trying to bring down the more powerful and richer Army and Wealthy. In the end, the U.S. came in and made all the groups spread all the money among all the groups evenly. Power shifted so everyone was even. Cooperation was made between the U.S. and Guatemala, but conflict was also met, because with the evenly spread money, the Army and Wealthy had to give some of their money away. This made them the Guerrillas now. They feel like they have been cheated there money. On the other hand, the poorer people are happy with the change, because they now have money to survive.