Table Rock Lake

What I did on vacation

Day 1.

One fun thing I did during summer was going to Missouri. My family and I went to Table Rock Lake. There was a trampoline thing on the water that you could bounce off of. It was really fun. So, the first day we hit the road.

Day 2.

On the second day, we just relaxed. It was a 9 hour trip that was long and tiring. We went to the swimming pool, then we went to the lake. I did a front-flip of the trampoline into the water. There was also a diving place on the docks, so we went diving. My brother kept pushing me in the water.

Day 3.

On the 3rd day, we went to Branson. Branson is a really popular town in Missouri. We ate at Waffle House, which I have never ate there before. Then we went to the landscaping. It is full of markets that are just fun to walk around in. Then we went home, did a couple of board games, then went to sleep. After that, we left for home.