Teacher Leadership Strengths

Sarah Seligman

What I Already Knew...

  • I spend a lot of time preparing materials for my job.


  • I have always gone to great lengths to do the right thing.


  • I never want anyone to feel like an outsider, so I always try to include everyone into conversations, etc.


  • I enjoy activities involving kids.


  • I am excited about the future

What I Learned...

  • I win over individuals with my work ethic and like to work with people that are similar.
  • I search for the good in every individual or situation

  • My openness helps people get to know me.
  • Held in high regard because of my dependability and consistent values.


  • I sense that there is something good in every person I meet
  • I avoid people who make feel like an outsider.


  • I can motivate people with my talents.
  • I get to know someone by observing them in a number of areas then use that to coach and praise him or her.


  • I have the ability to appease and calm particular individuals with praise, but also what he or she can work on.
  • I am driven by my talents, but don't always like the mystery of life.

What is Motivating to Me...

  • I have a resource that gives me a list of what I am good at.
  • I have strengths in areas, such as Positivity, that I didn't know I had.
  • Many of my strengths are areas that I felt I was good at, but wasn't sure about.
  • Overall, I am a leader that is good at executing and relationship building.

How I will use my strengths...


  • Continue to show my work ethic and dedication.
  • Establish relationships with my other team members by working alongside them.
  • Work with my team to establish and achieve goals.
  • Encourage my team with their accomplishments and ask them about their progress.

  • Be a moral conscience for others
  • Check in with team members
  • Share responsibility


  • Find common ground
  • Recognize everyones contribution
  • Nurture new teachers
  • Have the attitude "there's always room for one more"
  • Share ideas of helping people feel welcome


  • Extend myself to others
  • Acknowledge progress seen


  • Give genuine praise
  • Increase people's confidence

Something to think about...

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Vince Lombardi