If I Stay

Gayle Forman

Movie v. Book

Personally I enjoyed the book a lot more as I didn't think the movie did a good job portraying the characters as I had envisioned them. The movie missed important scenes which prevented the characters from developing appropriately. Reading the book made me envision Mia to be more like me but the movie threw that belief to the wind. While I was reading I felt a strong connection to the characters and I never wanted the book to end but while I was watching the movie everything seemed disconnected and I didn't feel a connection to the characters at all.

Theme of the Book

The theme of the book was the idea of always having a choice. Mia had to choose between living or dying. She was faced with the dilemma of choosing to succumb to her injuries and going to heaven with the rest of her family or fighting for and rebuilding her life and choosing Adam. The book does a great job of showing this by following her thoughts while she's in a coma. Mia thinks about all the good things that have happened and all the experiences she's enjoyed on this earth as well as wishes for someone to make the choice for her. The book does a fantastic job of showing her struggle with the decision as she flip flops back and forth about what to choose.
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Movies Portrayal of the Theme

I think this was the biggest failure of the movie. It's hard to get in someone's head watching a movie and as a result it was hard to show the indecision she felt. Although they showed the theme through flashback memories and her talking in her thoughts and her taking an almost ghost form it just wasn't the same as the book. It was weird and showed the theme just not as well as the book.
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Characters in the Movie

The movie had a difficult time showing the relationship between the characters as it missed major scenes and caused there to be character development issues. In the book the family was extremely close with Adam and looked at him like a future son in-law but the movie made their relationship almost awkward. The book also did a better job showing how even though she was into different things than her family they still loved her more than anything while the movie had a difficult time portraying that.
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Mia was portrayed fairly similarly in both the book and movie. She was shown as a girl that had everything; the most loving family, a great boyfriend, awesome best friend, and a really bright future and in an instant that was torn away from her. During the time she was in the coma she was faced with a difficult decision; did she want to leave everyone else behind or did she want to rebuild her life. A major factor in her deciding to stay was her boyfriend Adam, he begged her to stay and not to give up. Mia is shown as a strong character and full of love and potential.
If I Stay Ending