Marine Aquariums

by Richard F. Stratton

What the book is about

Marine fish come in many shapes, colors, and sizes each one has unique things that it does, this book is really good for teaching you how to take care or your tank, how to set it up and what fish/corals to buy for a starter tank, it will also show you what species of fish are good for certain types of tanks like clown fish are good for any tank so are damsels while other marine animals are too big for house hold aquaria like the Eagle ray its only suit able for very large public aquaria.



My name is Thomas I really like marine fish and animals I plan on becoming a marine biologist i like to play football next year I might play left guard for the FMS,I was born in November and my second favorite season starts in November deer season, during the summer I go fishing a lot ,fishing is my favorite all time outdoor activity.