Pre-K Daffodils

What have we been up to this week? (May 15 - 19)


This week we learned a new sound; 'x'; pretend to take an x-ray, saying ks, ks, ks.

We learned new vocabulary for X: x-ray, x-ray fish, fox, box, fix and six!

Jolly Phonics JOLLY PHONICS x song from Read Australia Having FUN with phonics


This week we continued learning about addition! We practiced doing lots of addition with our fingers, with manipulatives and on the Smart Board! The Daffodils really enjoyed playing math games on the Smart Board - good job!


This week we talked about magnets! We explored magnets in class and talked about how metal sticks to magnets but not other materials like wood or plastic. We looked through everyday items like scissors, books, spoons and pegs to see what is magnetic and what isn't and recorded our findings! Nice scientific work, Daffodils!

Check out some of our pool photos!

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Have a great weekend!