The DO's and DON'T's of Netiquette

Student Resource

In our digital world, it is extremely important to maintain proper netiquette. Remember the following tips as you are communicating with the digital world:


When you are communicating online remember that the person on the other end cannot pick up on cues like tone or facial expression. Always reread your post to be sure it cannot be misconstrued. Remember there is no sarcasm font. Don't type in all caps. A person may think you are yelling at them.

The Test

It is easy to forget when you are commenting on someone else's opinions or work that there is a person on the other end of the computer. A good thing to ask yourself is "Would I say it to their face?". If there answer is "no" then you shouldn't post it. Do not be a cyber bully!

Like diamonds, the internet is forever.

Your words or actions can come back to haunt you on the internet. Do not post anything that you wouldn't want your parents, teachers, boss, or even your future children to see.

Use resources ethically.

Do not illegally stream and download movies and music. When you are using internet resources for presentations or projects be sure they are properly cited. People work really hard to create these resources, media, and content, it's important to give them proper credit and pay them when necessary.

Appearances are everything

People will judge you based on what you post on the internet. Be sure that you are always using appropriate language, accurate content, and proper spelling and grammar.


Remember that everyone is seeing the information you post including online predators (those that would seek to hurt you or steal financial and personal information). Do not post personal information about yourself!

Respect the privacy of others as well. Do not post personal information or pictures of others without first asking permission.