Lowell and Transportation Systems

Lowell girls system and transportation system during the past

Transportation system

During the 1800's there were new methods in transportation because there were brand new factories with new machines and items that should be shipped out and be sold in other areas . Later , the two main transportation services were steamboats and railroad systems .

Lowell girls system

In Lowell Massachusettes showed a new slave labor system . They employed young unmarried girls . They also lived in small farms for their living . They worked 14 hours a day and only getting paid 2 dollars a week . So , it is more risky to work for the Lowell system because you never know when you can get hurt and you cant get help .

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Changes in manufacturing and industry

The changes between the 19th century and now are the biggest changes because they are able to do more things without getting forced . Also , they have more freedom in their life and if it wasnt like this our lives would be really different . People in the past actually had to work for money .