Summers are cool, but winters are bitterly cold

Climate Location

The subarctic climate is found on large landmasses, away from the moderating effects of an ocean. It's generally at the latitudes of 50° to 70° above the humid continental climates.

Yearly Precipitaion

Most subarctic climates have very little precipitation. There's typically no more than 15 inches over an entire year. Away from the coasts, precipitation occurs mostly in warmer months.

Seasons and Temperature Range

This type of climate offers some of the most extreme seasonal temperature variations found on the planet. The seasons for subarctic are just winter and summer. In the winter temperatures may drop to -40°F. In the summer, the temperature may exceed 86°F. However,summers are short and only last three months.

Factors Affecting Climate

One factor affecting the subarctic climate is the suns rays. With the suns rays being farther from the subarctic climate, it makes it much colder and harder to heat it up.