Granite-topped Maple Kitchen Table


Great for Bakers or Gardeners!

This wonderful table was purchased in New Hampshire and was used as my kitchen table for a few years before I moved into my house. Since it wouldn't fit in my kitchen, I moved it down the basement where it served as a fabulous surface for my grow lights and heating mats for seedlings.

The table is 58" long, 34" wide and 30" high with a thick, solid piece of granite as the top and maple base. The granite is mostly flecks of gray with some neutral taupe and pink tones in the background which makes it look warmer than regular gray granite. The legs are detachable (and this is how you would need to move it, by taking them off and treating the top as one heavy unit...and it will take two very strong people or three average strength people to get it out).

A great unit in excellent condition, I've set the price knowing that it's a bit of challenge to move this type of unit. Please be sure to click on my other ads to see the snazzy matching island!
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For Sale Now for $75

Island Not Included but also for Sale!

Please see my flyer/listing of the island which can be had for only an additional $50.

Cash or Paypal Only. Will Need to Arrange for in Home Pickup.