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Some Updates

Team Store

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to keep you up to date on what's what with our Team Store. All of the artwork has been submitted and we're still waiting for the merchant to get the store up and running. Afterwards, you'll be able to order until your heart is content! Imagine that Twisted Tech Under Armour with an Appo A on the top left chest...snazzy!!!

Promoting Our Color Run

Listed below are some ways you might be able to share the flyer about our Color Run. Try some of the ways below to post to various places like Facebook (14 hits so far to our flyer from there), Instagram, Pintrest, Google+ or whatever else is out there.

Copy and paste the following code. Include the little carrots on both ends:

<iframe width="100%" height="600" src="https://www.smore.com/v36kd-appo-volleyball-color-run?embed=1" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="min-width: 320px;border: none;"></iframe>

The following links may also work:



Sharing is Caring

Tell every single person you know about our color run. Ideally if we could make about $2000 from the fundraiser, we would be able to buy JV new uniforms and spandex ($1400) and increase the quantity and quality of the balls ($500) in our program. Some are long past their prime, and many have busted bladders. This would leave $100 we could use as a VISA gift card reward to the girl who was able to get the most people to sign up for our Color Run. If we are able to make over $3000, we can do prizes for first, second and third.

Food Schedule

Listed below are all the home games for Appo Volleyball this season. Due to the timing of the games and the inability of some students to leave school and come back, parents usually volunteer to supply food to the girls before they play. Typically this is a small meal or a heavy snack. Last year, a schedule proved to be very helpful in planning and allowing parents to chip in to cover the costs for feeding growing athletes. The dates for the home games are as follows and all games begin at 5:45p:

  • Friday September 11th vs Archmere
  • Friday, September 18th vs. Mt Pleasant
  • Friday September 25th vs. William Penn
  • Wednesday October 7th vs. That School Across Town
  • Wednesday October 21st vs. Newark
  • Friday October 23rd vs. St. Georges (Senior Night)

As a whole you guys are really amazing parents and you always come through and to our rescue for a variety of needs. I and the other coaches do sincerely appreciate everything you do to help us build a better program for your daughters.

Freshmen Games

As of right now, the Freshmen Team only has 4 games on the schedule. In my experience, for a Freshmen program at a public high school this is normal. A lot of public high schools don't have funding for a freshmen program, or they may not have enough kids come to tryouts or may not be able to have a coach. Mr. Legath is aware of our desire to have more Freshmen games on the schedule and I do believe they will find their way to our calendar. We typically have about 10 games to play each season. Don't fret. I promise to get a decent schedule on the books.

UD Trips

After attending our Coaches Clinic last week at UD, Coach Loftus, Coach White and I have decided that it might be a good idea to get the girls in front of UD Volleyball players so they could see the difference in intensity from Division 1 collegiate athletes vs High School athletes. This practice is two hours long and exposure to it is worth every second. We've also been invited to attend a home game on Sunday September 27th at 1pm. They currently have three players on their team from Delaware!!!

UD Practice @ The Bob

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 3:30pm

631 South College Avenue

Newark, DE

Please RSVP for this event so I know how many people will be attending and so that UD will know how many people to reserve spots for during practice. Varsity is STRONGLY encouraged to attend this event in lieu of practice that day. Ideally JV and Freshmen players would also attend.

There are benefits to be had from watching and taking notes (you will be doing both but not in a laborious way), particularly if players in our program would like to play at the next level. Our girls need to see what the next level is like. There will be no transportation provided to The Bob. If any players are unable to attend, it will not be held against them or reflect negatively. Players who are unable to attend, should travel home as they normally would, be it bus or ride home. There will be no practice on September 8th after school.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Contact Us

The season hasn't even really started yet, but I'm excited about the direction of EVERYTHING. If you have any questions let me know. As always email is the fastest way to reach me.