Glad to be a Gladiator

BY: Xavier, Kavon, Cambron

Warriors of the Colosseum

The gladiators were strong slaves of Rome. That were forced to fight different animals and others slaves.

A gladiators weponary

The gladiators shoes were sandals. There armour were

Balteus: (sword belt)
Cetratus - Light Shield
Clipeus - Large, oval body shield
Fascia: Protective leg padding
Galea: Visored helmet
Galerus: Shoulder guard
Greave: Leg armor
Kalkriese: Face armor
Spangenhelm - Highly Protective German helmet
Cuirass - Breastplate
Lorica hamata: Ring-mail armor
Lorica squamata: Scale, or plate, armour
Manica (pl.manicae): Protective arm wraps
Ocrea: Leg guard
Parmula: Small, light shield
Parma equestris: Medium-sized, round, cavalry shield
Scutum: Large Shield
Thorax Hamata - Chain mail
Cingulum - a wide leather belt
Spongia - Small breast plate

Why they fought