State of the Library Report

BHS/BSHS First Semester Media Statistics February 3, 2016

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Collection Information

Quality Media Programs build collections that will encourage students to become life-long readers while also meeting the curriculum goals of the school. This goal requires constant assessment of the collection as well as long-term plans that will address collection development and media programming goals. This process begins with an initial inventory of the existing collection. Below are the results of first semester's efforts:

Initial Inventory/Titlewave Analysis:

Holdings: 9,164

Average Age: 1999

Items per Student: 17.93

Final Inventory/Titlewave Analysis: November 24, 2016

(after arrival of new books and weeding)

Holdings: 8,989

Average Age: 2008

Items per Student: 17.38

Recommended Items per student: 10

Weeded: 1,075

Deleted: 1,648 (lost copies marked lost prior to 2007 were deleted).

Lost: 619 (from 2007 to date)

New Copies Added: 2,548 (Final Installment of Opening Day Collection. The existing collection and set-up of the library was re-arranged to create homes for our new titles).

The collection will continue to be assessed. I am in the process of finalizing details for our Collection Development Plan. A copy of our Media Center's collection and program goals can be found here. This is a "living document" and is updated throughout the year as needs arrive. We believe that our collection and media program goals change just as our students change and grow.

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Circulation Statistics

Last Year: August 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Fiction: 942

NonFiction: 405

Graphic Novels: 37

Total Circulations: 1, 384

This Year: First Day of Circulation, December 1, 2015 - February 3, 2016

Fiction: 334

NonFiction: 167

Graphic Novels: 49

Total Circulations: 550 (for 2 months)

Reading Incentives and Contests Added to Increase Circulation

First Semester Initiatives: (Began 12/1/2015)

Media Buzz Newsletter: Stay in touch with media happenings and get connected with resources. All media news flows through the newsletter, emails, and the Media Slide Show that displays on the TV monitors in the Media Center. Eventually, news will also be displayed in cafeteria. Our newsletter has had 207 hits.

TAG Team: We are recruiting members for the new Media Teen Advisory Group. No one knows what teens want better than teens! TAG members will help select new books and magazines, create flyers and other promotional materials, design book displays, assist in writing the media newsletter, suggest new library programs and reading challenges, write book reviews, make book trailers, and much more! To date, we have had 8 students apply. We will begin meeting soon.

BINGO! Feed Your Brain Challenge: Whether you choose to go horizontally, vertically, or diagonally complete five tasks and BINGO, you will win a prize.

BookFace2016 Challenge: We have something to read for everyone. Students and staff, lets put our faces in a book.

Secret Number: Listen for the number in the library where you would find books related to one of the ten classes in the Dewey Decimal System.

QR Codes: Connect Students with Books on YALSA TOP TEN List, these books are recommended by teens for teens.

Top 25 Circulations

1.The angel of death : a forensic mystery by Ferguson, Alane.

2.City of bones by Clare, Cassandra.

3.The mortal instruments by Clare, Cassandra.

4.A boy called twister by Schraff, Anne E.

5.The challengers by Duffy, Jo.

6.City of heavenly fire by Clare, Cassandra.

7.City of lost souls by Clare, Cassandra.

8.The confession by Stine, R. L.

9.Dope sick by Myers, Walter Dean,

10.Dreams by Duffy, Jo.

11.Dwyane Wade by Jackson, Aurelia.

12.Friends 'til the end by Billingsley, ReShonda Tate.

13.The great flight!! by Morimoto, Mari.

14.The gun by Langan, Paul.

15.Hero's bridge by Duffy, Jo.

16.Impassioned efforts by Morimoto, Mari.

17.Indigo Summer by McKayhan, Monica.

18.Instinct by Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

19.Jaded by McKayhan, Monica.

20.Life-and-death battles by Duffy, Jo.

21.Lil Wayne.

22.Lil Wayne : grammy-winning hip-hop artist by Wittekind, Erika.

23.Lockdown : escape from Furnace by Smith, Alexander Gordon.

24.The long haul by Kinney, Jeff.

25.Naruto vs. Sasuke by Yamazaki, Joe.

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