By: Fred, Raeesa


What is RSI

  • An RSI is a Repetitive Strain Injury

  • It affects the system or arrangement of muscles in a body, a part of the body, or an organ.

  • It also affects the nervous system,

  • RSI is caused by: tasks that you do on a day to day basis, physical and mental effort, vibrations, mechanical expression, or sustained or awkward positions.

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Symptoms and stages of injury

  • Not looking at a computer screen and looking at an object for 15-30 seconds prevents eye dryness

  • Chin tucks prevent a sore neck

  • Neck rotations prevents a muscle that has been pulled in your neck

  • Chest stretches prevents your chest from becoming stiff

  • Wrist extensions prevents your wrist from becoming stiff and hurting all the time

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  • Have comfortable seating

  • Take a rest every 1 or 2 hour

  • Monitor at the right height (Make sure you're not looking down)

  • Having space on the table for armrest

What to do During Your Rest Time?

  • Arm stretch

  • Chest stretch

  • Neck rotation

  • Chin tuck

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Other (proper set-up, troubleshooting)

  • The monitor’s screen should be at right angles.

  • Adjust to the windows.

  • Light diffusers recommended

  • Use indirect lighting where possible

  • Operator line of sight is parallel to the plane of the window