Changing role of women!

The way women lived

work lives

Woman worked for 12 hours or more a day in factories with only Sundays off after they go to church. They only had three meals a day that the factory had given them. They would return to their tenements, which might consist of a damp bed and a single bed, had to feed and cope with problems. Working-class woman labored for low pay in factories or worked as domestic service. Women could have the same exact job as men, but the women got half the pay of what men got.

home lives

After working long days for money, they were still expected to take full responsibility for there child and homemaking. If woman had a successful working husband they spent there time telling servants what to do, spending time with there children, and doing services. Woman had no control of her property her husband had it all. Women had little to no protection under the law.

women's rights to vote

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony protested against slavery before organizing a movement for women's rights. Eventually Women over the age of 30 received the right to vote. Women in some countries had the right to vote for their own land. But some people believed women were to emotional to vote. Wyoming was the first state to allow women to right to vote.


All in all women had very hard working lives that consite of long days on the farm and the factories. They had a hard life at home taking care of there children, cleaning the house, and being controlled by there husband. But they worked very hard in gaining there right to vote. Eventually they got the right to vote.


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