An Interview with Mr.Canonico

by: Zoe Midgett

Mr. Marcus Canonico, is a graduate from Baylor University and has a degree in BBA.

Mr. Canonico has taught, Bussiness and Accounting classes, and was also a Coach.

He now is working in the office at BCTAL (Birdville Center Of Technology and Education)

Mr. Canonico Manages his classroom in a variety of ways, he requires mutual respect among each other. He had his rules posted in his class, he has his kids sign a contract at the beginning of the year agreeing to his terms of use in the classroom. He didn't have many problems in his classroom, and if his students were doing there work they get free range.

The environment of the classroom, had a computer lab, it was very project based, he had motivation posters up all over the room, he had collaboration time with students, and had a lot of group work.

He has taught classes about bussiness, accounting, up to a coach!

He put in at least 45-50 hours a week, not including coaching at games, and setting up plays.

The biggest challenges he's had as a teacher was, getting all the students involved/engaged in the learning process

The biggest reward from teaching, from Mr.Canonico's perspective is when former graduates come back and visit and share how their life is going.

Mr. Canonico said, on a level of 1-10 the personal self-motivation needed to do this job is an 8.