I love school + school rocks

By Olivia C (no help)

This poem is all about school!!!!!

I love school, it's very cool. My teacher is nice but I think she hates mice. My friends like movies, I like smoothies. We all like friday fun, wait I think its just begun. Leaving school is very sad so everybody thinks its very bad. We are not all the same as one, this poem is not finished I think, I'll start another one. School rocks, I hate socks. Lessons are fun, but I hate my ballet bun. Afternoons are boring so my grandfather started snoring. Lunchtimes we can run around, be quiet or make lots of sound. In gymnastics I like floor so you can ask me if I want more. The deli orders are yummy but instead the kindys call for mummy. Prefects have a very big roll, I'm not a prefect so I'm eating a Vegemite scroll. I'm sad this poem is about to end But stay in school and be my friend. The end!