Legacy Choir Newsletter


Updated Rehearsal Schedule

Check our updated calendar for this months dates!

This Week:

Tuesday 3-4:30PM: Show Choir

Wednesday 3-4:30PM: SA Round 3 All-State
Thursday 3-4:30PM: TB Round 3 All-State

Halloween Party

Friday, Oct. 26th, 2-5pm

7916 Rose Creek Ct, Burleson, TX 76028, USA

This Friday from 2-5PM join us for a Legacy Choir Halloween Party hosted by our student officers. Bring a pumpkin and a halloween costume if you want to participate in some fun activities. Location is on the Legacy Choirs Calendar.
Gagòt Extra Help

These soundcloud tracks were uploaded by the composer, Sydney Guillaume and offer slower part tracks and pronunciation for Gagòt.

9/10 Auditions

Students will be released from class at 9:30AM on Monday to rehearse and leave for Region 5's 9/10 Honor Choir Auditions. Bring money for Cici's Pizza and your original music, no copies allowed. Before and after auditions you will be held in a waiting area so bring homework, board games, cards, or something non-electronic to keep yourself entertained. The approximate arrival time back to Legacy High School is 6:30PM. Parents, be aware that students will not be able to access their phones until auditions have been completed. In case of emergency there will be a Region 5 designee that can assist the students.