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Enhancing Communication with a Class Web Site


Oftentimes communicating what's going on in the classroom to students and parents can be a bit cumbersome. There's an option to invite parents in Google Classroom, you could start a class Twitter account, or even have a Remind text messaging system. While each of those are completely suitable options, a medium that takes care of all of that is a class website. Using a flexible app like Google Sites makes the communication aspect easy and efficient.

Integrate a Class Calendar

Google Sites allows you to integrate a Google Calendar, which would make assignment due dates and major events convenient. However, one "hack" that has been used is to create a Google Sheet in a 5 x 5 format, embed that into Sites, and it is a terrific way to communicate several different events from the school and district. But, a major benefit is the ability to include several links to daily assignments, openers, or other resources.

Link to Grading System

Another important item to include is a link to the grading system. This allows parents and students the opportunity to check on what assignments are missing, what assignments are upcoming, and what grade was received on previous work. Additionally this could be used as a classroom activity where students check their grades and have the opportunity to complete missing assignments.

Student Showcase

If you're completing work on Google Classroom, you can showcase the exemplary work using a presentation on Google Slides. The way to do this is to download the project (if possible) as a .jpg file. Then, create a separate Slides presentation, insert that project onto one slide, and repeat for all other exemplary work, publishing the presentation to the web. Then, this can get embedded into the Google Site allowing for parents, grandparents, and relatives all over the world the ability to see their student's work.

Embed a Google Form

Google Forms has so much capability that embedding it into a class website can be beneficial. As a teacher, you could create a Form for students to offer feedback, reflection, or overall thoughts on the class. Or, have a Form available for parents to fill out to engage in conversation even further. Or, make use if Forms as an assignment where students are able to paste a link to generate a spreadsheet of ideas or completed projects.

Add a Flipgrid Video

I've often written about the amazing uses of Flipgrid in the classroom, but embedding one onto a class website would be just as cool. A few possibilities for use is allowing students to offer their thoughts on the class. Or, have the students log on and give a brief "overview" lesson on a topic that was covered in class. For the primary grades, parents could send in feedback or well wishes to their students through your website. Or, with the addition of Copilots, students could collaborate with other classes on the same grid using the website as a "hub" for access.

An Exemplary Example

A few of the previous features can be found from the website of Mr. Hill. He is a Social Studies teacher at Sudlow and has transformed his class entirely with the addition of a class website. He has linked assignments on a Calendar (Google Sheet), created a student showcase, and linked to Infinite Campus. If you're wanting to integrate this into your classroom structure, please let me know. I'd be happy to help you duplicate what Mr. Hill has done so you can achieve the same level of communication with students and parents.

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