June 15, 2020 Update

California Job's Daughters

Welcome to our Newsletter!

Here is the June 15 edition of our California Job's Daughters Newsletter.

We want to feature the great work our California Bethels are doing! How is your Bethel staying connected? Please send updates and pictures to californiajobsdaughters@gmail.com, so we can highlight you in the next newsletter!

Deadline for submissions for the next issue: June 26

Around the State

There are many creative ideas of ways Bethels are staying in touch during this time. Continue to share pictures and ideas with us! Here are pictures of some recent events.

We're also creating a spreadsheet of activities and meeting that visitors are welcome to attend. If your Bethel has something that you'd like to have Grand Officers, Grand Bethel Officers, visiting Job's Daughters etc attend, please let us know on this form. Go to the website to see upcoming events that have been submitted. Shout out to Bethel No. 230, Salinas for getting this started!

Membership Game Night Activities Continue

The Membership Committee continued to hold their Membership Game nights over the last few weeks. Let’s recap what happened at the Association Game nights.

We continued our Celebrating the 100 years of Job’s Daughters with the 1960’s on Wednesday, June 3 along with the Mother Lode Guardian Council Association. All of the games and activities for the night were geared towards items from the 1960’s. Each night we had some get to know you time and then started off with an Ice Breaker that included some decisions whether you liked “This or That.” We then had a couple of fun games of Scattergories and then some Scavenger Hunt fun with prizes for the winners. There were 13 people in attendance representing 4 Bethels including 1 JD to Bee! We would like to congratulate our winners for the evening Emilie and Tia from Bethel 292 and Leah (JD to Bee) from Bethel 83 Stockton. We would also like to thank the Grand Officers that attended, Mrs. Kristi Krakower, Grand 4th Messenger, Mr. Curt Conyers, Vice Associate Grand Guardian and Mrs. Janice Herechski, Grand Guide.

We closed out the 1960’s week with the members of the Northern California Guardian Council Association on Friday, June 5th. It was great to see all of the costumes that represented that decade. We had 19 people in attendance representing 5 Bethels including 1 JD to Bee and 4 prospects!! We would like to thank our Grand Guardian, Denise Jow, Curt Conyers, Vice Associate Grand Guardian, Janice Herechski, Grand Guide, Vicki Foster, Grand Junior Custodian, Alan Miller, Grand Chaplain, Lori Emerson, Grand Third Messenger as well as our Grand Bethel Junior Princess Emily Salsberg for attending. We would also like to congratulate our winners for the evening: Willow a JD to Bee from Bethel 129 San Jose, Addison from Bethel 230 Salinas and Larissa a prospect from Bethel 230 Salinas. We all had such a Groovy time!!

Tuesday, June 9th began our week of Dancing through the 70’s with the members of the Redwood Empire Guardian Council Association (including the Susanville and Chico Bethels). We saw some groovy costumes and virtual backgrounds that highlighted the 1970’s and the games again were also geared to represent the decade. We had 5 people this time representing from Bethel 86 Eureka including two JD to Bee’s and our regular attendee, Mrs. Kristi Krakower, Grand 4th Messenger. We would like to congratulate our winners, Brook from Bethel 86 Eureka and Aubrey and Logan Bethel 86’s JD to Bee’s! We really had a great time with the members of this Bethel and thank you so much for joining us!

We closed out the 1970’s decade on Thursday, June 11th with the members of the Southern California Guardian Council Association. There were 22 people in attendance representing 5 Bethels which included 2 JD to Bee’s and 1 prospect. We had some very inventive costumes to celebrate the 1970’s and the games were so much fun. We would also like to thank Mrs. Dale Keister, Grand Senior Custodian, Mrs. Kristi Krakower, Grand 4th Messenger, Mrs. Vicki Foster, Grand Junior Custodian and Miss Beki Lane, Grand Marshal for attending our game night. We would also like to thank Miss Julianna Barnes our Miss California Job’s Daughters also for attending. We were excited for our winners for the evening, Rachel from Bethel 210 Arcadia, Chloe who is a JD to Bee from Bethel 97 Burbank, and Julianna our Miss California Job’s Daughter from Bethel 97 Burbank.

The Membership Committee held its last game night on Monday, June 15th with the members of the South Coast Guardian Council Association. This time we were Rockin’ in the 80’s! We had a lot of side pony tails and some rad costumes and virtual backgrounds that were totally awesome! We had 20 people in attendance representing 5 Bethels including 1 prospect! We would like to thank the Grand Bethel Officers, Jasmine Baker, Grand Bethel 2nd Messenger and Madelyn Childs, Grand Bethel Senior Princess for attending as well as the following Grand Officers: Mr. Bill La Valley, Jr, Associate Grand Guardian, Mrs. Pamela Sepulveda, Grand 2nd Messenger, Mrs. Kristi Krakower, Grand 4th Messenger. Mrs. Vicki Foster, Grand Junior Custodian and Mrs. Elaine Davies, Grand Secretary. We would like to congratulate our winners for the evening, Josselyn and London from Bethel 241, Norwalk and Amina from Bethel 109 Bellflower.

The Membership Committee would really like to thank everyone who came and participated in the Association game night events over the past five weeks. We had a great time putting them on and it was great to see so many of you!! We are planning on some more activities this summer – so look out for the information coming in the July 15th newsletter. Spread the word and we hope to see even more of you the next time!!

Summer Vacay? No, Summer StayCA

The Grand Bethel Officers have planned a fun-filled virtual California Job's Daughters weekend, Summer StayCA! This online event will be held June 24-28, 2020. The schedule is below. Please share with your Bethel and plan to join in the fun!

Big picture

The Countdown is On! Program Details and Registration

A program with details about all of the activities is posted on our website. Please distribute the information to your Bethel daughters and adults so that they can fully participate!

All of the StayCA activities will take place on our CAJDI social media platforms:

If you aren't already, follow us so you don't miss out on any of the fun! Also, some of the activities will be on Zoom; log-in details are in the program.

When you are posting about your activities, use the hashtags:

  • #cajdi100
  • #cajdisummerstayCA

Please make sure you/your Bethel have registered for Summer StayCA by filling out the form at this link. This will help the organizers ensure that all attendees are part of the organization as they join in, especially on Zoom. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Malia Morris, Grand Bethel Board Chairman, at gbbchairman@gmail.com.

A note for adults: We don't anticipating exceeding our Zoom capacity, but just in case...during Zoom sessions, if the room hits capacity, please consider logging off so that all interested girls will be able to attend.

Supply Lists

While all are welcome to watch, some of the activities require supplies to actively participate.

If you want to join in, either in real-time or after, here is what you will need:

Supply List for Corsage Making Tutorial

  • Corsage bracelet

  • Floral tape

  • Floral wire (thin, preferably a 22 gauge)

  • Flowers/fillers of your choice, fake or real (I will be using fake roses & leaves)

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters

  • Clippers (only if you decided to use real flowers)

  • Hot glue gun

*You can find these products at your local craft store and Amazon*

Pillowcase tutorial

⅓ yard border fabric

¾ yard main pillowcase fabric

A Spool of thread

Story Time and Ice Cream making

1 cup half and half

2 Tbsp granulated sugar

½ tsp pure vanilla extract

3 cups ice

⅓ cup kosher salt

Your favorite ice cream toppings

1 large ziploc bag

1 medium size ziploc bag

Cooking tutorial

Corn starch

Chili powder




Chicken bouillon

Onion powder

Garlic powder

Cayenne powder


Chicken breast

Bell peppers





HQ & SP Pictures Needed

HQ's and SP's, send your picture and your title for a slideshow presentation to gbbchairman@gmail.com. Be dressed according to the CAJD dress code, your choice of casual or formal. Please verify that you have a signed media release in your email.

Deadline: June 18.

Are you sewing pillowcases?

Calling all Bethel Daughters! Send a picture of yourself either making a pillowcase or with your finished pillowcase for Ryan's Case for Smiles and your picture may be featured during the Summer StayCA presentation. Please send your picture to gbbchairman@gmail.com along with verification that you have a signed media release.

Deadline: June 18

NEW Sisterhood Ceremony

Do you have prospective members who are waiting to be initiated? We have a new Sisterhood Ceremony (available on the website) for you to use to "unofficially" welcome them while they wait for us to be able to meet in person again. This ceremony can be given on an on-line platform.

The gift mentioned in the ceremony should be dropped off to the girl(s) prior to the ceremony taking place–with instructions to open it during the ceremony. The gift can contain anything you want. Beki Lane has a small JDI item that can be included in your gift package, while supplies last. Please contact her at bbekib@aol.com, or call/text 310-968-6766.

1st Annual GGC Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

Website info for purchasing golf balls coming out on Friday, June 19th, 2020

Bethels are not required to spend any $$ for this fundraiser.

There will be prizes for the Bethels with the most sponsored golf balls purchased.

If a Bethel picture has not been submitted for the fundraiser website, please send to Becky Childs via email.

Questions, please contact Becky Childs (714) 397-3799 or jobie212@aol.com.

Color the World Purple in June!

Join in "Color Me Purple", a virtual Jobie Festival being promoted by Miss International Job's Daughter Maia Garcia and the Supreme Bethel Honored Queen Gabbi DiMatteo. There will be special events online all month to promote Job's Daughters unity worldwide! This week's activities are all about our Bethel daughters talents: dancing, singing, and art. More details can be found on the Job's Daughters International Facebook page and on Miss International's Facebook page.

We've got spirit, yes we do!

This year, the Promotion Committee at Supreme is offering a Spirit Award to Bethels. By completing a variety of activities in various categories, Bethels or individual members can earn an award and recognition. There's even a category for our Bees!

How many California Bethels can earn this year's award?

Bethel Award Form

Individual Award Form

JD2B Award Form

Get Your Bethel Going On Zoom!

Do you need help getting your Bethel set up for virtual meetings on Zoom? If you haven't used Zoom before, we now have resources available on our website. Send an email to cajdizoomies@gmail.com to get set up with a host key or for help.

Once you start meeting on Zoom, the possibilities are endless. In addition to handling your Bethel business, you can have lots of fun together too! We are building a list of virtual activities on our website, starting with some great ideas from Miss California Job's Daughter. Check it out and send your ideas to us to be added to the page!

Need a new virtual background to show off your Job's Daughters pride?

Visit our Facebook page to download JDI backgrounds!

Pictures Needed!

We have several projects going on that would benefit from newer pictures of our Bethels in action, specifically highlighting fun, sisterhood, and leadership. Since these will be used in digital and print media, we especially need high resolution pictures. If you have pictures that would work, please email them to us at californiajobsdaughters@gmail.com. Please indicate that a signed media release is on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

We continue to update our Frequently Asked Questions page on the website. If you have questions, please let us know on this form.

Upcoming Events

All California Job's Daughters events planned through August 31st will be postponed pending further notification from the Board of Trustees. We will keep you posted on when these activities will be rescheduled. We have created a page on the California Job's Daughters website to keep you up-to-date on the latest information.

Supreme has also posted several updates, about legislation, Supreme Bethel, and Miss International Pageant. Their updates can be found on the Job's Daughters International website.