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Kids World Updates:

  • Year End Tax Statements are available in your Eleyo Account. They will not be mailed out unless you specifically request for a mailed copy. See the help guide below to access your tax statement.

  • Coming back after a long break can cause some uncertainty in children. Please help make the transition back an easy one by reviewing the Kids World Expectations with your child posted below. Saying quick goodbyes and reminding your children you will be back at the end of the day can help reduce tears. If you need any ideas on how to make Kids World more successful for your child or if you have ideas on how we can help, please don't be afraid to reach out to me or talk with the staff at your child's site.

  • Remember to update your child's schedule for January. There are directions below on how to make schedule changes. Please do not create a new contract for making schedule changes. If your child in not on the schedule for the day and they attend Kids World, you will receive drop-In notifications and charged our drop-in rate. All schedule changes need to be made at least a week in advance.

  • If your child will be absent from Kids World, call/text your child's Kids World site to let staff know. The numbers for each site are noted ABOVE.

  • If you have any questions or concerns at your child's Kids World site, please address the staff that works there first. If your question is not answered or concern is not resolved, then please reach out to the coordinator so we can work on a solution.

  • We have some new staff starting at a Lincoln and Roosevelt! Help them feel welcomed by introducing yourself!

  • As the weather changes, please make sure you have the appropriate outerwear for your child as we go outside every day. It is a good idea to keep an extra set of gloves, socks and/clothes in your child's backpack for the afternoon. Also, PLEASE LABEL your children's winter gear! It's easier to find when misplaced if there is a name on it!

  • Please note our Winter Weather Policy (posted below). Make sure you are signed up to receive sms texts and that your email is correct in eleyo so that you can receive important weather related notifications.

  • We want Kids World to be a safe place for both students and staff. If your child is acting in an unsafe manner that could cause harm to themselves or others, you will be asked to come pick them up immediately. Please review the expectations posted below with your child before coming back from Winter Break.
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Kids World Registration & Schedule Change Help

Need to register or update your current schedule? Click here to access the Eleyo Parent Help Website.

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Our Mission

Kids World offers Child Care before and after school at Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. We offer all day wraparound preschool care at McKinley. Our program is supported by fees paid by participating families. Kids World offers a variety of activities to channel children’s energies into positive growing experiences.

Kids World strives to offer your child:

1. Encouragement to develop new friendships and work together in cooperative group situations.

2. Support in gaining respect for themselves, others, and property.

3. A safe place to develop self-confidence.

4. A safe, caring, trusting, and relaxed environment conducive to fun and adventure.

5. Trained, caring, and respectful staff who understand the importance of a stable setting that meets the developmental needs of school age children.

6. Some of the activities include: arts and crafts, sports, creative and dramatic play, recreational skills, community exploration, reading, science, manipulative and construction toys, critical thinking skills, listening skills, outdoor play, and special events.

Kids World Rules & Expecations

We want Kids World to be a safe place for everyone. We want your children to be able to explore their creativity and have fun. We value parents as partners and that is why we are asking for your help in reviewing the rules and expectations with your children to help promote a safe environment.

  1. I will follow the rules at Kids World to help keep everyone safe.

  2. I will use kind words and be nice to others.

  3. I will stay with the group or in the gym/classroom at all times.

  4. I will respect all staff and students at Kids World every day.

  5. I will listen to staff the first time they give me directions.

If your child exhibits consistent unwanted behavior, a behavior notice will be sent home. If the behavior exhibited is deemed unsafe by staff, you will be expected to pick your child up from Kids World immediately. In instances where several behavior notices are sent home, the coordinator will contact parents to discuss a behavior plan and other ways to help your child be successful in our program while keeping others safe.

2022-2023 Kids World Rates

Roosevelt, Jefferson & Lincoln

  • Before School (6:30am-until school starts) - $5.80
  • After school until 4:30pm - $5.80
  • After School until 6:00pm - $10.75
  • After 4:30: Late pick up fee - $6.95
  • After 6:00: Late pick up fee for the first 5 minutes - $10.00
  • $1.00 per minute after 6:05


  • Full Day (6:30am - 6:00pm) - $34.75
  • Registration for non-school days is open.

$30 Family registration fee and $50 Deposit due upon approval of new contract.

Families needing drop-in care (less than a week notice) will be charged our drop in rates.

Visit our Eleyo Website for more information

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Kids World Coordinator: Tiffany Reuvers

As Coordinator for four Kids World sites, I am all over the place within the district buildings but my office is located at Roosevelt.

The best time to reach me is generally from

8:30 -10:30 and 1:00 - 3:00

(Kids World Staff is available to answer calls/texts before and after these times at each site during program hours)

My times are flexible depending if I am visiting or helping out at one of the three Kids World sites before or after school.

If I do not answer and you need me to call you back, please leave a message.

Since I am mobile at each site during the day, texting or email is usually the best way to get ahold of me.

If you need to report your child absent,

Please contact the number listed for your child's site.

There are several ways to reach me.

I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Roosevelt Office (C109) 507-333-6804

Cell Phone 507-330-1396

Faribault Public Schools Website

Kids World Information

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ELEYO Parent Help

Help guide for the parent side of Eleyo. Lots of helpful tools to help manage your Eleyo account and child care contracts.