CNC Manufacturing

Francisco Valadez


I learned that CNC stands for computer numerical control and manufacturing. Is a material to make it useful it was a weird module. It had vocabulary that had a lot of copulated steps on doing before you start an RCAs. The x mill when we turned it on and it cut the thing .


in session 2 we started an RCA and used the z mill and make a square then session 3 a square then to it. Then we added a diagonal line and a circle on 4 we switch the z mill to computer instead of manual and made a curtain shape on session 5 manual to computer. to the same on 6 was studying for the post test and create what you want to make or do with it is on 7 we made anything


A job that can go with CNC manufacturing operation on the machines welding by learning a few more steps. When one of those crafts machining materials. So any activity is related to any job around the world you might think not but it is true. The RCAs were the most hard but the module guide helped get us do good on the post test so it was a happy ending because post test is a test grade. a CNC manufacture worker gets about $15.84 per hour and $32,950 per year. They use metal, plastic to carve them and shape them to where ever and uses them to craft them. In order to do this you must have enough training in order to take this job.
CNC Machinist and CNC Manufacturing Technology