by: Jill Alamina

What Is Mitosis?

Mitosis is when a cell splits in half and it creates two daughter cells. The daughter cells have the same type and number of chromosomes as the parent cell does.

What is the First Stage of Mitosis?

The first stage of Mitosis is Prophase. In prophase the cells become visible. The centrioles separate and move to either side of the cell.
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What is the second stage of mitosis?

The second stage of Mitosis is Metaphase. In metaphase the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. Also the chromosomes become connected by their spindle fibers.
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What is the third stage of Mitosis?

The third phase of Mitosis is called the Anaphase! During this time the chromosomes that were lined up are pulled apart. They are split in half and ready for the cell to be divided into two!
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What is the Fourth Stage of Mitosis?

The fourth and final stage of mitosis is called Telophase!! During telophase something cool happens! In telophase the cell splits into two whole new cells with the same DNA!
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Why Is Mitosis important?

Mitosis is important because with out it we wouldn't grow properly and stuff. They are filling in old, damaged, or lost cells. We probably would die a lot quicker. We lose around 5 million cells a day. So that means around 5 million cells are produced every day which is helping us live properly.