Pakistan: A Journey of Countries

Thad Kostialik


Pakistan is located in South Asia. Pakistans Capital is Islamabad. Most of their population is along the Indus River. Their population is just over 162 million people. Pakistanis currency is the Pakistani rupee. The languages Pakistanians speak are Punjadi, Sindhi, Suraiki, Pashtu, Urdu, and English. Pakistanians religions are Sunni, Shiite, Muslim, Christian, and Hindu. This country's land mass is just over 307 square miles. This country is also called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It became independent August 14, 1947 from British India. Their legal system is a common law system. They have Pakistan day which celebrates the adoption of the lahore resolution and the adoption of the first constitution.

Bangledash War

The Bangledash war was a big uprising of Bangledashis in Pakistan. The uprising was during the year 1971. Between 300-500 thousand people were killed during the uprising. The war started in East Pakistan, which is modern day Bangledash. Anthony Mascarenhas exposed war crimes in East Pakistan which changed the international opinion. The war had effect on people because it killed many people and broke many families and broke bonds between the 2 countries.

Thad Kostialik

This was an English Language arts project.