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The Many Benefits of Reading

There are many reasons why reading as a way to improve one's knowledge-base is highly beneficial. There are endless amounts of information available in print, whether online or at book stores. The importance of reading has far reaching implications for many individuals, especially those in the fast-paced professional world.

In order to improve one's knowledge about a certain topic, such as an aspect of the Financial Industry, reading is essential. Even for those who have obtained a degree in a certain subject, reading beyond what one has already learned is a great way to stay ahead of the competition, especially when it comes to the Financial Industry.

Reading comprehension has been shown to improve with practice. Like many activities that are practiced over and over again, the ability to read and comprehend what one has read, improves with experience. Reading is also a great way to find an escape from an otherwise busy or even chaotic lifestyle.

There are a myriad of books that have been written on topics that range from classical to contemporary. Recently, an explosion of different formats and other mediums have become available for readers to utilize, such as E-Books cell phones. Reading is becoming more and more digital by the day. A busy professional in any field, such as the Financial Industry, can utilize reading not only to stay up-to-date about the latest developments in their field, but also to find an escape from the demands of their busy schedules in a relaxing novel.

Tom Brough, a Financial Advisor, enjoys reading.

Ways To Obtain A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has multiple benefits for people's physical, emotional, and mental health. A healthy lifestyle may include a number of regular practices. There are many ways to improve one's health, including through diet, exercise, and meditation. In order to live a more wholesome life, many individuals choose to implement certain activities, as well as foods into their routine.

There are many aspects involved with a healthy lifestyle. In this post, we'll run through a number of means towards obtaining a healthier lifestyle. For starters, if you're seeking to improve your health, examine what behaviors you may currently practice that are not congruent with a healthy lifestyle.

If you practice certain unhealthy habits, such as smoking, overeating or 'binge eating', or other behaviors that aren't healthy, consider quitting those practices as soon as possible. When embarking on a healthy lifestyle, one's mindset should be free of negative interference, including self-doubt and self-criticism.

No matter where you are right now, there is always hope for improving your health. Once you have eliminated the unhealthy habits that you might have had before actively working towards a healthier lifestyle, consider what you can do to improve upon your health further. Utilizing physical activity towards bettering your health is a great way to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy foods and balancing your diet is also an ideal way to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Activities such as running have been shown to not only improve physical health, but mental health as well.

Tom Brough, a Financial Advisor, has completed numerous marathons.

Practical Tips for Running the Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is one of the most popular and fastest marathons in the world. The Chicago Marathon has over 45,000 runners and is one of the marathons where you need to implement a good running strategy. Here are a couple of practical tips you can use for running the Chicago Marathon.

Running Slow

Yes, that’s right, running slow. Running the Chicago Marathon slowly for the first 3-4 miles will help you maintain your marathon goal pace and finish strong. Running slow helps you maintain important fuel for the last 10k, and will give you a chance to take on fluids and absorb fuel.

When you run slowly for the first 3-4 miles, you will conserve vital fuel, and not burn off fuel by running fast. When you drive a car at high speed, you tend to burn more fuel, likewise when you run fast, your body burns more carbohydrates.

Your body can store sufficient fuel to run for two hours at marathon pace. So while running a marathon, you will need to replenish the spent carbohydrates; however, your body does not easily digest carbohydrates while running. The best way to fix this issue is to take sufficient carbohydrates when the body is not stressed. Take carbohydrates in fluids early in the race as you run slowly, and your body will start to digest it and absorb the nutrients properly.

Race Empties Out by the Halfway Mark

The race will normally get empty around the halfway mark. At this stage, you can start to pick up your pace and run. It is important to stay focused and relaxed at this point and not start running too fast. Once you are at the 13-mile mark, you are halfway through the race and the course will get quieter allowing you to concentrate and work at your pace.

Tom Brough Financial Advisor is an experienced financial advisor who enjoys running the Chicago Marathon.

Advantages of Being an Independent Insurance Agent

There are several insurance agents who do not work for just one single insurance company; rather they sell insurance policies to their clients from several different companies. Independent insurance agents can offer clients a variety of insurance policies, giving them a choice of policies to choose from. Here are some advantages of being an independent insurance agent.


One of the biggest advantages of working with an independent insurance agent is that you have a wide range of policies to choose from. If the insurance agent is working for just one company, the policies he can offer, you will be limited to what the company offers. On the other hand, if the agent works independently, you can choose from a range of policies from different insurance companies.

Saving Money

An independent insurance agent will have different policies you can choose from, and you can choose one that is cheaper than the others but offers the same benefits. Your options will be broader, and you will save money by choosing one that is cheaper than the other.

Impartial Advice

If you are working with an insurance agent from a particular company, chances are that you will be sold a policy based on a biased view. An independent insurance agent does not work for just one company and is in a better position to give you impartial advice on the policies available. An insurance agent is very knowledgeable about the industry and various policies and can offer you valuable advice other agents cannot give you. With the help of an independent insurance agent, you will be able to choose the best insurance policy in the market.

Tom Brough Financial Advisor is an expert financial advisor. He received his degree in Finance from the DePaul University in Chicago and started his career in the insurance business as a broker for a local brokerage firm.