Meet our newest TUNErs

...Welcome to the TUNE Family!!

Codey Hooper, Accounts Receivable Specialist | Seattle

Codey will oversee all customer payment operations and internal and external facing communication for the Accounts Receivable team; including cash collection efforts, invoice & payment inquiries & all other general questions.

Professional Background:

I graduated from Washington State University in 2010 and got a job at Zulily where I worked for roughly 4 years in their finance department specializing in accounts payable and client relationships.

What attracted you to TUNE:

What attracted me to TUNE was the awesome company culture, one that you notice the minute you walk through the door. It feels like a very united group where everyone is very passionate about the job they do and wants to build something special. I look forward to joining the TUNE family!

Outside of Work:

I was born and raised in Bellingham and enjoy everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I enjoy snowboarding, golfing, hiking, fishing and camping, as well as traveling and exploring new places. I am also a big sports fan, and enjoy attending Seahawks and Cougars sporting events.

Ankitha Shetty, Software Test Engineer, HO | Seattle

Ankitha will be involved in QA activities for HasOffers, doing feature testing, verification of bug fixes for deployment and increasing test coverage.

Professional Background:

I'm very excited to join TUNE. Previously, I worked for Schakra Inc. as a consultant for Microsoft. I worked on the Office365 engineering division team. I was responsible for setting up end-to-end test cases for the web Portal. Before that, I worked for a consulting firm called Infosys.

What attracted you to TUNE:

Because it "has offers" :-) I've been working on web based technologies and was keen on switching onto mobile domain. TUNE offered me the opportunity to explore and learn a new domain. Also, talking to current employees I did see the excitement in them working for TUNE, during the interview process. Going by the growth of Mobile market, it was an easy decision for me to choose TUNE.

Outside of Work:

I grew up in India, moved to Pacific NW 3 years ago along with my husband and fell in love with the Evergreen state ever since :) Outside work I love cooking, painting and designing jewelries. I also volunteer at Redmond elementary school during my free time. Weekends comprises of hiking in the woods and playing cricket for American Recreational Cricket League in Redmond and hoping to win the best bowler for the summer league.

Anna Belsky, SDR, MAT | Tel Aviv

Anna joins the TUNE team as a Sales Development Representative for the TMC team in the TLV office. She will be focused on the joint efforts growing revenue for the TMC team.

Professional Background:

I’ve been working in Marketing Communications for more than 10 years. The last agency I worked for was JWT Russia as the Account Director. As a part of the Client Services Department I was responsible for communication with clients and new business development during pitches. During 4 years I was a part of MarCom department of the biggest mobile operator in Russia - Beeline. I was responsible for B2C national advertising campaign launches. It was a great time when iPhone rocked the market and we worked together on co-promo in Russia. We had fun! 2 years ago when I'd moved to Israel from Russia I focused on digital work and new business partnership programs. I worked for Israel's Medical Tourism company as a Head of Digital Marketing and Partnership Programs. It was a good entrance in my new life in Israel and after a year and a half I was ready to move forward.

What attracted you to TUNE:

I’m a new and fresh person in mobile world and I feel that it’s the right direction in my career taking into account my experience in ATL, BTL and digital. I have a real passion about mobile advertising industry and happy to become a part of such a dynamic and rapidly growing team!

Nick Thompson, Lead Infrastructure Engineer (UI) | Seattle

Professional Background:
I have worked in the Digital Media, Financial, education, and Search technology industries. The one constant has always been infrastructure. I have worked as a Software Release Engineer, Systems Engineer, Cloud/DevOps Engineer, and have managed teams all in an effort to create infrastructure (on-premise and in the cloud) and a software delivery pipeline, which gives the organization the agility to make decisions with great speed. The key to the successes I have enjoyed throughout my career is due to relationships I have been able to create within my own teams and cross team. I am looking forward to continued success at TUNE.

What attracted you to TUNE:

The culture of the company and the people I interacted with during the entire interview process is what really attracted me to the company. There are also extremely interesting technology opportunities which the company can take advantage of to improve the infrastructure and software delivery pipeline. I feel this is an area that I excel.

Outside of Work:

I live in Queen Anne with my Wife, Kurstin, and three year old daughter, Ali. We moved to Seattle in 2014 from San Diego, California. Over the summer I took a couple weeks of sailing lessons and have gotten hooked. I am looking at getting certified on a bigger class of sailboats so I can take my family and friends out on the Sound in the near future.
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These recent TUNE interns were offered full time positions! Way to go! :)

Wendy Kung, Jr. software Engineer, HO | Seattle

Wendy is joining the HasOffers front end team after kicking ass in our summer internship program to continue making improvements to the HasOffers platform and work on building new products.

What was your favorite part of your internship?:

Especially as an intern, it’s hard to find a workplace that supports and provides an immersive learning experience like TUNE. Aside from the typical mentorship, my favorite part was not only learning from my mentors, but learning with them as well. The importance of growing together as an organization shows just how much we care about our employees and clients.

What inspires you to continue working for TUNE?:

Every person I have met at TUNE has this incredible passion for what they do, and that inspires me to want to be better, learn more, and continue growing with my team at HasOffers. I love that everybody wants to teach just as much as they want to learn and there hasn't been a day where I haven’t had a good laugh at the office, which is always a plus (+).

Outside of Work:

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. I’m a big foodie and coffee lover, so I’m always looking for new places around Seattle. I also love traveling, hiking, and being out on the water.

Ta-Chih Kao, BI Engineer | Seattle

After an incredible summer internship building our TUNE BI product, Ta-Chih Ko is joining TUNE full time as a BI Engineer. Ta-Chih will be helping our internal teams aggregate their data and use it to drive improvements and customer success.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

Collaborating with and learning from the BI team. It was interesting having the opportunity to collaborate with multiple people on so many different parts of the TUNE BI product. At every point, the team was patient in explaining new concepts to me while giving me the confidence to run with parts of the product. That and the food/swag.

What inspires you to continue working for TUNE?

The amazing people, culture, and product. Many companies talk about the importance of company culture, but this is the first time I’ve been in a corporate environment where the culture is truly embedded in how we all work and play. That being said, after having worked with the BI team, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Outside of Work:

I try to travel whenever time permits. Most of my family lives in Taipei so whenever I get the chance, my family likes to meet and explore a new country every year. I’m also a moo cow, so I’m normally meeting with friends for happy hour on weekdays and exploring new restaurants over the weekends.

Sean Allen, Jr. Software Engineer, HO | Seattle

Sean will be continuing the work started during his internship this summer on the HasOffers Front End team. One of his largest personal goals is to eliminate each and every bug in the HasOffers backlog - seems like a lofty goal but we have faith in his bug hunting prowess.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

My favorite part of my internship was getting to know everyone that is a part of the HasOffers product as well as having the opportunity to make visible and direct improvements to the product. Just a week after coming onboard with HasOffers, I had already been given the opportunity to evaluate and fix bugs that were plaguing real customers. That kind of opportunity, to make changes that appear in production on a company's classic product, is rare to find during a summer internship.

What inspires you to continue to work for TUNE?

What inspires me to continue working with TUNE is the friendly but passionate environment I step into every day. Having an environment where making mistakes isn't life or death and asking for help isn't frowned upon gives me the opportunity to gain valuable experience and explore areas of technology I wouldn't be able to elsewhere as I begin my first job in what will be hopefully a successful engineering career.

Outside of Work:

Outside of work, I'm a big nerd who likes to play a wide variety of video games (Civ 5, CS:GO, Hearthstone, etc.) and hang out with my cat, Tom. I also enjoy watching terrible teen TV shows on Netflix such as "Young and Hungry" and "The 100". On the technical side, I'm looking for some good introductory books on Machine Learning, so I'd be glad to receive recommendations for those. Thanks!