Comunity services Ideas

Ways I can Help

What I can do to help the community

Five ways I can help the community....

1) Help the younger kids with little league.

I help the children in little league basketball and try to be a good role model to them. I help the coach deal with the chaos of those hyper children and the time goes by quicker.

2) Make the town a prettier place.

Meaning, have nice green cut grass around the residental areas, and have flower boxes around the empty places. Raise money for paint to paint old houses into nicer looking houses, just fix up this old town.

3) Donate stuff you dont have to a garage sale.

Basically, you and bunch of other citizens get together and plan a community gerage sale. you go around asking for things to donate to the gerage sale and the money goes to the community fireworks funds.

4)Clean up trash along the road.

Clean up the trash along the twons roads and make the town a better place to be in. You dont expect anything in return, you just clean the area up.

5) Build a Sculpture

Like the fish or thew rock along the way to sekiu, build a sculpture to put somwhere in the community and that can be a remeberence of that class.

My LIfe in Clallam Bay

It's a quiet life in a small village called Clallam Bay, there is no grocery store, only one gas station, and not even a walmart. I have lived in this village for my whole entire life, so my life is fairly boring. The school in this town has less than two hundred kids K-12, So the kids in the school are more like family than strangers. What passes my time in my daily life is art, which is a big help to the community (not my art, other poeples art.) I can make a book about this small town and put this town out into the big world.