The Scientific Revolution.

Isaiah S. 6th period

What was the change???

The Scientific Revolution changed the way people see Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Anotomy between the 1550's and 1700.

Who were the people associated with the change ?

How did the change impact society during that period ?

At first it was hard for people to believe that there theories were wrong in the beganing. When Galileo introduced his corrections and theories the church punished him for trying to correct Aristotles. The church didnt want to except the change but the theories were still used instead of being changed.

How did it change today's society ?

Ever since the corrections and theories of Galileo and Isaac we actually sticked with them because they are true. Since our technology has been improving since their time period we were able to support them. We now know more about gravity and the universe, if Galileo and Isaac didn't do their research we could still be wrong about our theories today.