Out of my Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper Presentation By: Aria Van De Hei


In the book Out of my Mind, by Sharon M. Draper, a young girl named Melody lives in her home with her mom, her dad, and her little sister Penny. Melody is 11 years old with a photographic memory and can’t talk. Therefore, she has no way of showing any emotions, what shes thinking, or how smart she is. Melody is the smartest person in her entire school, but nobody knows that or believes she is even capable of learning.

All though her doctors believe she’s incapable of learning, her mom does and enrolls her in to a nice, caring school that they mainly treat everyone the same. She then takes a pretest to really see what she knows. Therefore they find out Melody is the smartest kid in her entire school. Melody becomes part of a school program for smart kids. She has to face her problems of not being able to talk while competing with other schools. Unexpectedly they win the state competition as team, meaning they move on to Washington D.C. In the meantime, Melody finds out she going to be a big sister. Now Melody's life is crazy until one day everything is resolved.

First Person

For example Melody, the narrator says, "I laughed and laughed." It shows Melody is the one talking throughout the book. It also says, "I have so many words I cant let out."


This passage here shows how the doctor has no faith in Melody of ever learning. Dr.Hugely tells Mrs. Brooks (Melody's Mom) that Melody should be sent away. However Melody's Mother strongly disagrees!