LTL News

Ms. Janie, Ms. Rani, and Ms. Bri

Classroom News

This week we are working on identifying shapes, colors, and number along with drawing faces, throwing balls at targets, cutting and much more.

As the Holiday Season approaches we will begin to sing some holiday related songs and make gifts for our parents. If your family does not celebrate Christmas please let me know so we can adjust our lesson plans.

When the weather starts getting cooler we start getting more runny noses and going through tissues quickly. We have one box of tissues left. If you can send in one or two boxes we would greatly appreciate it.

Scissor Activities

When scissors are held correctly and when they fit a child's hand well, cutting activities will exercise the very same muscles which are needed to hold a pencil correctly, that is, between the thumb and index finger with the pencil resting on the middle finger. The correct scissor position is with the thumb and middle finger in the handles of the scissors, the index finger on the outside of the handle to stabilize, with fingers four and five curled into the palm.

1. Cut up junk mail or magazine subscription cards.

2. Make fringe on the edge of a piece of construction paper.

3. Cut Play-Doh with scissors.

4. Cut straws or shredded paper.