Children's Author

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Need to be creative ehough to keep them entertained
  • Know what kids like to read and learn about
  • Be able to speak their language, so they can understand
  • Know basic grammar

Education Required

No degree required, but basic knowledge of English literature needed.

A bachelor's or advanced degree can benefit

Basic Salary

$28,000- $40,000 (if successful)

Workplace Environment

Anywhere if freelance, most authors work from home.

A quiet, comfortable, calm place with something to write with, i.e laptop, typewriter, tablet, or pen and paper. A laptop is most professional and easy.

Job Satisfaction

Feeling successful by being published or finally finished with your book.

Stressful though, need to meet deadlines and wanted to get published.

Skills Needed

  • Basic grammar knowledge
  • Able to work efficiently to meet deadlines
  • Able to pitch book or idea to a publisher

Opportunities for Advancement

If published and/or popular, better authors, publishers, or illustrators may want to work with you.

Possible movie adaption opportunity.

Large sum of money to be made if successful.

Advantages of being a Children's Author

  1. You can make thousands of dollars off a single book if it becomes popular enough.
  2. There are awards and grants you can receive.
  3. Once one book has been published, the same publisher may be willing to give you more freedom.

Personality Traits needed to fit with being a Children's Author

  1. Creative
  2. Good with kids- able to use their language so they understand
  3. Knowledge of what kids like to read and learn about
  4. Able to take rejection
  5. Organized and efficient

Popular Children's Books