Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

Book Report by Alex Sanchez

Lead Characters

Camille Preaker(Main Character)
Amma(Camille's Sister)
Natalie Keene


Camille Preaker works as a journalist at a small newspaper Company. Her job isn't always the best, as she often has to report on stories about crimes such as murder. And on this case she has to write about Natalie Keene who was murdered in an alley with no teeth left in her mouth.As the story goes on she develops feelings for Richard which has a big impact in the story overall.

Why I Enjoyed This Novel

Yes, i really enjoyed this novel because it is really well thought of and planned out which is easy to follow throughout the whole novel.

I thought it had a really good storyline overall that grabbed my attention.

My favorite part was when Camillie had to go to the crime scene and she finds a lot of evidence that foreshadowed the future.

i would change the way the story progresses because sometimes the book goes into the past and confuses the story.

i liked all the characters because all there backgrounds were interesting.

Too anyone in high school or higher.

5 Adjectives that describe the text

I would describe the text as Intense,foreshadowing,Spooky,unique and sweet


The novel uses modern language

it does use everyday language

"The wind blew so hard it would make a grown man fall"
"The rain fell so violently it felt like ice cubes were falling from the sky"

The language does make the novel easier too read because you don't need to know a lot of the words to understand whats happening