All About Arachnids

Types Of Arachnids

Where do these animals live and what are there habitats?

Spiders live almost everywhere, and in almost all habitats, including your house, as you may know.

Scorpions can be found in almost every habitat. Most likely deserts, though. They like hiding under logs, rocks, and other forms of clutter (a clutter is a bunch of things lying round).

Ticks are found mostly in moist habitats. But you can find ticks by your home while walking through piles of leaves or bushes/shrubs

Overall, most arachnids can be found everywhere, in many different habitats.

Arachnids Eating Habits

Most arachnids eat other invertebrates(Animals without backbones), like bugs and worms.

Meanwhile, arachnids like ticks and mites eat the blood of mammals. Including humans.

Picture Of Tick Bite On Human

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What makes scorpions, spiders or other animals arachnids

Arachnids are arthropods(arthropods are invertebrates of a large phylum called arthropoda like a spider) in the class of Arachnids. They do not have wings or antennae and have more than 4 legs. This fits perfectly for the ones shown above.

What type of animals are they?

Spiders normally travel alone, and are aggressive, but there are such things as social spiders, who travel with others, and have long lasting aggression's. The scorpion is also a social creature, but they can be very aggressive. Other arachnids (Like ticks or mites) travel in groups too.

Fun Facts

- Spiders are found on every continent except for antarctica

- there are over 40000 species of arachnids

- Abandoned spider webs are called cobwebs

- Most arachnids can only eat liquid food

- Not all spiders have 8 eyes, but have 4,2, or 6

- ticks carry lyme disease, which can kill you

- spider webs are made of silk

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