My Experiences from the Courts

By Sam Peach

How my case started

I was going to court for my first time because I was blamed for Tax fraud. I didn't commit it but there I was Anyway going to the District Court, at least the Magistrate Judge had decided I can be free until my case appeared at court. The US Marshall walked me in, real nice guy, Luke I think his name was, then the court heard the original jurisdiction. The judge wasn't nice at all though, must suck though having a life term and I would get grumpy too, and I really didn't have much to present other than my own word so of course at the end of the day I was guilty so I did what every sane man would do and appealed to the Court of Appeals.

Court of Appeals

The Final Court Appearance.

The drive to the Court of Appeals, who have the Appellate Jurisdiction, was so long considering my court holds the largest circuit in the country. Obviously I wasn't the only one bored out of my life when I got there because the US attorney was quite upset and mad and ferociously kept restating the same thing that I had committed tax fraud and so on. It was so boring hearing him restating everything that I almost fell asleep. The next day I Presented my case and once again all I had was my word, which left the jury to decide to either lock me up or remand me, when they came out they decided that just a witness saying I was wasn't enough proof and that this case should be a precedent for a lot of other cases. At the end they gave the opinion out to the US attorney and my team but I didn't care I was so happy because I knew that I was already pretty much free.