Jonas meets Anna

The Giver and Frozen

Why I choose Jonas and Anna

-I chose Jonas because in reading we are reading The Giver. I could wait to hear the end of the book so I went to the library and got the book.

-I chose Anna becuse I had been babysitting, and the little girl wanted to help me do homework. She told me to do Anna, and I thought it could be fun to have a princess and a boy from a place wher nobody new about magic.

Jonas and Anna come from two different worlds. -Jonas came from a community where nobody can see color and they live their life listening to rules. He gets selected to be the next reciever. After he recieved some memories he runs away from the community and lives a life similiar to ours. -Anna is a princess. She has a sister with ice power that runs away from home. Anna goes on a big adventure to get her sister back and meets new friends on the way. At the end she gets her sister back and made a bunch of new friends.

How they meet

I would imaging the house that Jonas found with all the people would be off of the castle where Anna lives. Jonas would go into the castle and make a few friends then start telling about his past. The news would travel all around the kingdom when Anna found out. She was fasinated of the stories that she would want to meet jonas right away.

What they would do

Anna would ask Jonas to come tell the stories to her. All day long they would tell stories of ow Anna escaped the snow creature or Jonas not getting picked for a job then getting selected to be the next Reciever-of-memories. Time and time would go on telling different stories and playing with Gabriel.