Content Enhancement

Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)

The Unit Organizer

Teachers use the Unit Organizer Routine to plan units; introduce and maintain the big ideas in units; and show how units, critical information, and concepts are related. Research results showed that students whose teachers regularly and consistently used the Unit Organizer Routine scored an average of 15 percentage points higher on unit tests than students whose teachers used it only irregularly. Low-achieving students, students with learning disabilities, and average-achieving students substantially improved their understanding and retention of information as reflected in unit test scores and in scores on unit content maps and explanations of these maps.

The Framing Routine

Teachers use the Framing Routine to transform abstract main ideas and key topics into a concrete representation that helps students think about and talk about the key topic and essential related information. Research results have consistently demonstrated that the routine can effectively facilitate subject-matter learning as well as the development of literacy and thinking skills. In a study focusing on written products of 35 eighth-grade students, students who were taught with the Framing Routine wrote an average of 102 words more per product than did the students who were in the comparison group.

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